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snap_attack's Journal

A community for everyone who loves taking snaps.
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A place for everybody, of every level of skill to show their photos.


In order to be accepted you must have some of your work displayed on your journal or on a separate site in the links section of your journal. If you are simply an art supporter or your journal is friends only you can send an email to -


State In that email:

LJ Username:
Why you wish to join:
(Only needed for photographer)Link to Example of work:


Comm. Rules:

1. No advertising. If I see a post advertising another comm. or website it will be deleted. If you are desperate to have your gallery or if you want to be an affiliate then you may contact me at - ali@linney.me.uk and I will place your site/comm. in the links section.

2. No flames. Try to be a happy person.

3. If a photographer asks for criticism give it, but in a CONSTRUCTIVE way

Good Example - I like the way you used the light but maybe you should think about shooting the subject from a different angle.

Bad Example - That's awful! How the hell can you post that here? I HATE it.

4. No hotlinking.

5. Respect the moderators please.

6. You must TAG!

7. LJ-Cut must be used for any pictures more than 300x400.

One last thing...
If any of these rules are broken, we retain the right to ban you.

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